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Mi Electric Shaver S500

Mi Electric Shaver S500

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Mi Electric Shaver S500

Floating surface for a cleaner shave with a comfortable, pressure-relieving design

Three main advantages

A shave that is cleaner, faster, and more comfortable.

We believe that a shaver should offer a clean, thorough, fast and efficient shave. This upgraded model gives you a more comfortable, more convenient and smarter shaving experience overall.

Three 360° floating shaver-heads

Fits your facial contours and leaves no stubble

When both ports are being used, the Mi Car Charger Pro intelligently distributes power to each device, with the total power reaching 15W max, conveniently meeting the charging needs of both driver and passenger.

IFT floating technology relieves facial pressure. For a smooth and comfortable shave

Most users have to press the shaver-heads against the face in order to get a clean shave. This not only increases pressure, but reduces both shaving comfort and smoothness. IFT floating technology means that the shaver-heads float, relieving pressure on the face and delivering both a smooth and comfortable shave.
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