Three Amazing Tech Products to Buy in 2022

Three Amazing Tech Products to Buy in 2022

“Technology feeds on itself. Technology makes more technology possible”. Alvin Toffler said this and it’s very much accurate. We humans started with ENIAC, which weighed 29000 pounds, cost $487,000 and for all that it only carried out 5000 instructions per second. Now we have Smartphones. An IPhone 6, weighing 4.55 ounces! Carries out 25 Billion instructions per second! And mind you IPhone 6 was more than 7 years ago. But the most amazing (maybe bit horrifying) thing is that we are not stopping! From Tesla Bots to Quantum Computers, ITS ALL HAPPENING. (gasps)

However here are some (non- human life threatening) very cool products that you can get:


 1. Movano Ring

 Movano Ring

This Ring monitors your Sleep Habits, respiration, heart rate and many other health vitals. It is more than your typical fitness and health tracking watch. It’s supposed to “make connections between cause and effect”. E.g. It would let you know *why* you slept the way you did. A (soon to be) legitimate medical device that provides more accurate health intuitions while looking aesthetically pleasing and royal. It’s going to cost around $400.


2. Samsung Freestyle

Samsung Freestyle

Samsung's Freestyle is a new portable entertainment gadget that combines a projector and a smart speaker into a single unit. Projects in 1080p at up to 100 inches, has a large range of streaming apps, and built-in Alexa voice control providing 360-degree sound. A portable spotlight with automatic picture adjustments allowing the user to set it up literally anywhere! Costs around $900.


3. Dell XPS 13 Plus

Dell XPS 13 Plus

This is the next Gen of XPS, Dell’s most famous laptop. A sleek computer with most powerful Intel Core Processors, using glass touchpad, instead of click buttons and replaces the Fn keys with touch-sensitive function buttons. Costs more than $1200.

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